Complaint Handling Process

Complaint Handling Process


Learning Resource Network (LRN) takes each complaint seriously and wishes to maintain an open communication network with its centres, candidates and other stakeholders in order to respond to complaints.


LRN intends to respond to the complaints it receives in a timely manner having first assured themselves as to the veracity of the information submitted in the complaint.  LRN will respond to the complainant within 5 working days to acknowledge receipt of the complaint.  LRN will then review the details of the complaint, and where necessary will contact the centre to glean further information. LRN intends to deal with each complaint within 30 calendar days.

Complaint handling process

LRN has created a complaint handling form (CHF1) on which it will ask centres and candidates to supply information.  The form below is to be used to provide the maximum amount of information in order to assist LRN in capturing the information.


LRN will communicate with all parties in the complaint handling process and will ensure to provide responses to each party (where required) for follow up information.